I am a mother of 5 children and 6 grandchildren and a husband of over 40 years together, just an ordinary mum who loves her family.   I love to crochet, knit, sew and paint and just cant stop other than my family it is my next passion.  My dogs were my second passion but they have all died now only memories left which are brilliant.  I have had 5 German Shepherds and a Boxer also.   I have 2 more German Shepherds from GSRE just about about 10 weeks ago both older dogs but integrated into our family well.

My reason for starting crafts

When my first baby was due I was short of money and there were many items needed for my new baby. I managed to make ends meet and I had tried to learn crochet a few years earlier but wanted very good at all the stitches, but nevertheless I decided to try to make a lace shawl for my new born. I started and it took me the 3 months, I started with the stitches I knew and just went round changing stitches and pattern as I went. I rarely follow a pattern. Well it was lovely not professional but I loved it. So there is where I started, request starting coming in from family friends, I was hooked and couldn’t stop so here I am over 35 years later still making items. Then My grand daughter, she started me of Barbie doll clothes. I had made them for her mum and sister many years ago. I mostly do crochet work now for my hands to keep them moving, I do not work from patterns So that is why I now have another shop called  nann cheryl originals see link below why not have a look. Thanks for reading my history, 


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