Welcome to my blog I am a mum and owner of Nanny Cheryl Original.s.

It began when I had to take early retirement due to ill health, I was so bored, I couldn’t get around much but I loved crafts and started my knitting, crochet, sewing, painting and designing again in earnest.

 I love to look at pictures or clothing that I have seen around and get going on making a pattern in my head and work with it until I have a finished project.

Well I normally have about 3 or 4 projects on a one go.

You can now buy my handmade itemson Paypal, just open up the page of items you choose and process the purchase through paypal.

I love crochet Blankets which was my first project a shawl for my son because I could not afford to buy one, back then wool was fairly cheap and so I made my first baby shawl.   I later began traditional blankets such as the following beginning with squares

I normally make many squares alternating the colours and then decide what to do with them

These can be made to any size or colour pattern then add a border first I added black and the results are below.

More traditional larger squares with black joining and fancy black border

I love bright colours and found that a black background really makes them stand out also you can buy odd balls left overs of florescent colours to help with the costs.   I also wanted to make a few blankets with lighter borders for children. as seen below

Plain squares with white borders then joined with white and finished with fancy scallop white border

To experiment further I would add different colours for borders

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Plain colour squares 2 rounds with blue borders and then joined with blue and boarder with pretty fringe edge

It seems the more blankets you make you are always looking for another design as you can see from the following I mixed the bright colours, different borders and designs I am still looking and trying new one and still designing my own, I haven’t got to putting pen to paper yet but I will.

798 (9) (640x480) (640x480)
This one is a hexigon with white edging to each hexigon and then joined with white and finished with white fancy edge.
Digital StillCamera
Variation with hexigon’s with flower design finished and joined with black yarn and finished with lace look edge

I hope you have enjoyed my examples and plan to make your own variations.