This  blog was written in 2014 today I am the same but getting stronger in my self, inner self to help me cope and I still crochet,knit,sew,paint to help me focus it has now been 12 years since I was diagnosed and sent away to learn about it, no help anywhere, nowadays people are writing themselves to help others.

I shall be moving my Fibromyalgia Blog from it current place,  as my symptoms become troublesome and my foggy brain kicks in I get confused by the many Blogs I have been writing to.    

As you can see I do a lot of Crafts and my hands are better when working and my mind seems more focused and the feeling of achievement on finishing an item is great, especially when you feel inadequate for not being able to work any more due to this chronic illness.  I try to keep it in perspective as it is a chronic illness and will not kill me but at time the pain is beyond belief and it becomes muddled in my head enabling me to keep focused.  

That is where the crafts kick in and help, as I do not respond well to medication I only have my Self will to keep me going.     I hope I can get a good weekly or daily blog going, I beleive it is my determination that keep rising and gives me the necessary push to keep going.  I have many other ailments but the Fibromyalgis an spondylitis are the most difficult to cope with.  

I started about 8 years ago now to make an item a day which I did and then realised that I could not store all these items, so I began selling the excess item on different shops and started my blog and my websites.  Learning new skills as I went helped me get used to not working daily, A new life opened up for me and even though at times I cant do anything I can plan what to do when I am in better health so I do have something to focus on.   I have a good family and great help, but I needed something of my own to carry on with.  Just keep going……….hugs


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