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Painting on Fabric

When my children were young I would get work where I could or work from home, mainly selling or making clothes at home for manufacturers.

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I came across a company from America called Tri Chem, I went to there party plans and bought some paints.

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I joined as a representative and organised my own parties, that is how I increased my own stock. 

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 I loved demonstrating techniques and the good quality product I was promoting.  I still today have my paints and still make items and paint them, still the same.


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I have made for family, special occassions, school fetes, I started in 1976 and I still love them, they have changed in packaging but are still a good product

There are transfers (iron on) to use for the pictures, or you can free draw

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I purchased a pen to trace the pictures I wanted her with the tele tubbies

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I was then asked to make for special occassions, babies born, anniversaries, weddings, christenings, graduations

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My pillow range small and large pillow, kapok filled and frill edges, a great gift that can be kept forever.

I also made some cot covers, doll cot covers, see below

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I made a lot of T shirts and dress with the painting on, barbie doll clothes had painted features on I taught my children how to make christmas gifts and decorations with them,

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  I also painted on glass and vases and such like.  well worth investing in some paints.

P32 (3) I also used them to put my childrens names in their clothes for school, never washed off.   Hope you like

NEW ITEMS by nanny cheryl original

Morning all, it is about 3am here in UK and I have decided to add some of my Hand Painted Fabric Pillows, they are either 15″ x 15″ in size or 20″ x 20″ so both squares.

I have added kalpoc to the inners and lace edge to finish.  These are closed pillows but can be washed as Paint is washable.   I have made many of these items during the last 25 years, I came across the product many years ago and even sold the paint and trained others to use it.

I plan to make removable covers in my next collection with maybe fold over pillow cases painted to enable more and easy cleaning options

I like to make for many occasions, having given away many myself to my family and friends………….

Hope you like them, please give feedback or suggestions……………

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