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I am up again at 3 pm this morning, cant sleep, pain everywhere.  I have come down my dog Fernie greets me she always makes me feel better.  

  I make a cup of tea and retreat to my work room so I do not disturb anyone in the house.  

I check my mail and my shops and start to do my treasuries, and look for new ideas and new shops.   I get absorbed in this for a few hours.  I feel that at least I have achieved something in the small hours with the dark shadows everywhere and my Fernie by my side, she loves company.

  She is so peaceful now sitting on my side, the pains are getting worse today they are in the chest so every movement hurts but I wont let it overtake me, I write or create a little more and my mind takes over and dismisses it for a short while.

david phone 2 october 2011 008
molly is the larger of the two and Fernie is here with me now as always. they are sisters

I start to plan out my day, small things I want to achieve, my main events of the day must be done first so that I can achieve them.

If I feel bad today or worse later I have already planned jobs where I can sit down and knit, crochet, sew, finish work ready for selling or giving away.  I can take pictures to make them ready for my shops, so there is always a lot to do and if I sleep a little I shall awake knowing I achieved something today if only a small task.


Gentle hugs


I have had a couple of goods days lately, but today is beginning one of my down periods when I cannot do much, I get exhausted quickly, I have family worries which also bring me down.    I think too much when the pains come so suddenly extreme, they seem to take over my body and do what they want, the more the pain, the more the worry, the more the pain, it is a cycle hard to get out of.     I shall be trying…..    I have my hobby and my sanity which helps, I shall start by making something again and sorting out (well as much as my body will allow me to move) but the sitting and making I can do, I section out my life now when I am better I get about as much as I can and do ordinary things, but when the pains attack severely I try to make things and make sure I accomplish something.   My hands are hurting now so I shall stop typing and have a rest,   see you all soon    nannycheryl

Had the fun at Bournmouth now I must pay….the fibromyalgia way

I told you about my journey to Bournemouth, well enjoyed the company and the short walks and the sitting on a very hot beach, beautiful, but all Fibromyalgia patients know now you have to pay.

  I felt not to bad yesterday, could not do much at all, had to go shopping but as ever had my Husband with me, felt really worn out afterwards, only there about 20 mins but job done and a couple of more stops on the way.  (the car journeys really kill me, I am so stiff and unable to move after only short journeys) anyway got home and the foggy brain appeared again, where am I ah well now to just chill out and make a new garment to keep me occupied.  

I sleep well last night (well for me 3 hours then up and 3 hours again) very stiff joints this morning but up and about always helps.  I have had my first and only tea of the day, my daily routine has changed so much since this chronic condition appeared to me.  More careful what I do what I eat and how I plan my days to my condition as I see it in the morning.  

Well this morning my back is bad, my legs are ignoring me, sulking I think because of the walk down in Bournemouth.  

We are shopping with my mum this morning so she can get her supplies, she has problems walking now nearly 80, sciatica in the legs, so we look like a pair of ducks, waddling but we laugh and have fun and just waddle.  

When we finish I shall come home and do some work on the computer if I can and start another project, it is the second day since my galivanting so pain is usually the order of the day, but I shall wait and see what come.   I have a continguency plan for all my days now.  

gentle hugs


I just had a night away, we were in Bournemouth, beautiful day sitting on the beach walking about, the beach and sea were an absolute delight, never been to Bournemouth before.

Great fun, we get to Hotel they say we can only put you up for one night not two, we can send you somewhere else, well we did not bother just stayed the one night, the hotel we booked late minute cheap, well we were supposed to have saved over a £100, if I was made to pay that for the room we had I would have gone mad.   Well, we had a swim in the pool that was nice, but the attitude and invisibility of the customer coming to stay at the hotel was unbelievable, anyway we had a good time together, burning ourselves at the beach, could not find a hanky for Dave’s head though, had not sat on a deck chair for years.

We were told there was a great Harry Ramsden on the front, we looked and found it, they have a veranda up high overlooking the beach, it was about 7pm, there were still swimmers in the sea and sun bathers all around, still very warm and our meal was welcoming, a lovely night was had.

Wish we could have stayed longer but this was just a night away while taking care of some business, a nice break especially with great company.

I walked a lot (although painful) I managed some slopes and about 14 lengths in the pool, great last time I went swimming I could not swim at all with the pain I was in so doing great (probably pay for it tomorrow in pain) must have been the company…………..

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