ALL DOLLS ARE BARBIE RECLAIM DOLLS, I have washed and made their hair look good, there may be a few defects due to being reclaim (please contact me if you wish more information about a specific dolls. The dolls come with the clothes they are modelling. The Clothes are all individual and handmade by myself, many are unique Every doll is different. Costs are £5 with £4.00 Package and shipping charges, multiples will cost less please email me at for more information

Reclaim Barbie Doll and Handmade Outfit, Reclaim doll, Dress, Bolero, Hat, Shoes, (5 items) and shipping 922 cjh S43

HANDMADE CLOTHES FOR BARBIE DOLLS & SIMILAR ITEMS IN SALE LISTED BELOW DESCRIPTION ELEGANT 1. knitted and crochet outfit Dress- black knitted dress with glitter design to waist area and hem. 2.Bolero - black knitted and crochet with black yarn with multi colour sparkly effect. 3. Hat - made with black yarn with multi colour sparkly effect and yellow feather design.. 4 SHOES yellow shoes 5. RECLAIMED DOLL HAS BEEN PLAYED WITH MAY HAVE BLEMISHES MADE BY nannycheryloriginals PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR OVERSEA SHIPPING COSTS, WILL SHIP ANYWHERE