I love making new blankets, I work a few squares, ideas, look for inspiration everywhere.   I have many books and troll through the internet and enjoy the thoughts flowing through.

I have started to make a tradition square, I then bordered with black, not unlike my others I hear you say, but this time I have made a few rounds of lace look crochet, I am not sure how it will come out but I shall add photos as I go.

I pick as many bright colours as I can they work with the dark ones well………..



   I start with small rounds of colours I want to use I make many of these and put in box to use later,





I then make up larger rounds using main colours and making sure I have a even amount of rounds of specific colours which will dominate my creation


This is the squares with three colours starting to look more like a blanket in the making………………….

 I decided to make these squares up of 5 rounds, I like odd numbers they seem to look better.


these ones are four rounds will show further pictures when 5 rounds are finished.





I have make a square with the pattern I want to use………  this is just a model and will not be used as variations follow as I go along.   It really is make it up as you go, I start with a plan and then let my imagination take over, its fun




   On this model I have a block colour in centre, I later changed this to one colour one row until black border started





I like the effect of the lace border look and feel it will look good when a few squares are joined……………….


 I shall add further pictures as this progresses……….