I am up again at 3 pm this morning, cant sleep, pain everywhere.  I have come down my dog Fernie greets me she always makes me feel better.  

  I make a cup of tea and retreat to my work room so I do not disturb anyone in the house.  

I check my mail and my shops and start to do my treasuries, and look for new ideas and new shops.   I get absorbed in this for a few hours.  I feel that at least I have achieved something in the small hours with the dark shadows everywhere and my Fernie by my side, she loves company.

  She is so peaceful now sitting on my side, the pains are getting worse today they are in the chest so every movement hurts but I wont let it overtake me, I write or create a little more and my mind takes over and dismisses it for a short while.

david phone 2 october 2011 008
molly is the larger of the two and Fernie is here with me now as always. they are sisters

I start to plan out my day, small things I want to achieve, my main events of the day must be done first so that I can achieve them.

If I feel bad today or worse later I have already planned jobs where I can sit down and knit, crochet, sew, finish work ready for selling or giving away.  I can take pictures to make them ready for my shops, so there is always a lot to do and if I sleep a little I shall awake knowing I achieved something today if only a small task.


Gentle hugs