I have had a couple of goods days lately, but today is beginning one of my down periods when I cannot do much, I get exhausted quickly, I have family worries which also bring me down.    I think too much when the pains come so suddenly extreme, they seem to take over my body and do what they want, the more the pain, the more the worry, the more the pain, it is a cycle hard to get out of.     I shall be trying…..    I have my hobby and my sanity which helps, I shall start by making something again and sorting out (well as much as my body will allow me to move) but the sitting and making I can do, I section out my life now when I am better I get about as much as I can and do ordinary things, but when the pains attack severely I try to make things and make sure I accomplish something.   My hands are hurting now so I shall stop typing and have a rest,   see you all soon    nannycheryl