I have made a few more dresses, this time in double knit yarn double knit yarn to try out the pattern here are a few peak looks so far.

29 june 2014 013

 As you can see the cottons are still on and have not been finished just trying out a few new sizes the blue one is about 14″   and the cerise one too… the lemon is about a 16″ still have not sized or given a reference number yet, they are waiting for buttons and finishing off……I do like to try out different styles and colours from basic patterns I have written down.   I do not write the full pattern down (not that clever) but work from a basic yoke and just let my imagination go……………..I do love lots of colours though as you can see…………..lots more to come


I realised that earlier this year I had made a few dresses and did not finish them (I tend to start so many and then finish all together) I get a lot of ideas whilst crocheting that I continue and go back and complete garments later I have always been the same since I taught myself crochet…………..  

29 june 2014 014

This one I particularly like it is full and has the pineapple finish to the bottom and it is in white…..


29 june 2014 016

 I have been doing some admin work the last few days as I have to get my collection together for my Barbie Doll Clothes  (or similar size dolls)   I have a lot of original Barbie Doll Clothes (these are going on Ebay to sell)  I have other 200 handmade and designed by me….. Barbie Doll clothes knitted, crochet, sewn…………  

My grand daughter started me on these again, I had made for my own children and when she came along I got all my dolls out of the attic and started designing again, now my grand daughter is 14 she is helping design and give me ideas for new items, she has a sister who is 2 she already goes into my workshop and takes all the dolls out and lines them on my sofa in the back room, naked (the dolls not my youngest grand daughter) at the moment but I am hoping she will take an interest in their clothes soon…………….


These will be shown on    https://sites.google.com/site/nannycherylbuyonline/

The orignal Barbies will be shown on  Ebay       http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/141318011540?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2648   if you go to this link although it is a blanket you can click and see other items I sell

 The other items will go on Folksy   https://folksy.com/shops/NANNYCHERYL