We are all born different in some way, we all struggle in different ways, JUST ACCEPT ME would it not be nice if we were all accepted for who we are, I would not like a world of robots all fitting into some nice little template, where would the diversity be The challenges we all have are shaping us into our own individual person, educating is needed for the outside world those looking from the outside in YOUR BLOG DOES THIS NICELY, but acceptance of all people (with or without their own personal challenges ) would be a nicer place, great blog

Autistic Speaks

*I’ve gotten several comments and such about this being “my son’s” or “my child’s” blog.  Note: Nowhere, in the whole post or in any of the subpages of my entire blog do I mention having a child.  That’s because I don’t have one.  I’m an autistic adult (yup, they have those!); these are my words.

When it comes to reason why parents are hesitant about–even outright againt–autism acceptance, there are a series of “buts…” that come up over and over again.  Despite what appears over the computer screen, and sometimes even in person, to be a remarkable facility with words, even despite the fact that I will soon hold a Master’s in English and creative writing, the reality for me and many other autistic people is that words are not my first language.  Trying to communicate my great-big ideas into the neat little packages of black print on a white background…

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