Had the fun at Bournmouth now I must pay….the fibromyalgia way

I told you about my journey to Bournemouth, well enjoyed the company and the short walks and the sitting on a very hot beach, beautiful, but all Fibromyalgia patients know now you have to pay.

  I felt not to bad yesterday, could not do much at all, had to go shopping but as ever had my Husband with me, felt really worn out afterwards, only there about 20 mins but job done and a couple of more stops on the way.  (the car journeys really kill me, I am so stiff and unable to move after only short journeys) anyway got home and the foggy brain appeared again, where am I ah well now to just chill out and make a new garment to keep me occupied.  

I sleep well last night (well for me 3 hours then up and 3 hours again) very stiff joints this morning but up and about always helps.  I have had my first and only tea of the day, my daily routine has changed so much since this chronic condition appeared to me.  More careful what I do what I eat and how I plan my days to my condition as I see it in the morning.  

Well this morning my back is bad, my legs are ignoring me, sulking I think because of the walk down in Bournemouth.  

We are shopping with my mum this morning so she can get her supplies, she has problems walking now nearly 80, sciatica in the legs, so we look like a pair of ducks, waddling but we laugh and have fun and just waddle.  

When we finish I shall come home and do some work on the computer if I can and start another project, it is the second day since my galivanting so pain is usually the order of the day, but I shall wait and see what come.   I have a continguency plan for all my days now.  

gentle hugs

  2 comments for “Had the fun at Bournmouth now I must pay….the fibromyalgia way

  1. July 31, 2014 at 5:18 am

    Wow. Cheryl, I’m sorry you have to go through this. You see I also have Fybromyalgia. And although I just turned 30, I was diagnosed almost 10 years ago, and the daily pain has caused me to feel like I’m much older than 30. Like you I have to work my schedule around my pain, limit myself to the amount of activity I do in a day, and field days or long walks are extremely exhausting and tiring for me. It’s hard to handle, and I wake up in so much pain the following day. I have 3 very young children, 7, 5 and 2, and most days it’s very difficult to keep up with them, but I try to maintain control and keep at it. I wake up in the morning hoping that it’ll be a better day than the day before, but that’s not usually the case. I try to take frequent rest breaks and work on my creations while I re-energize. Lol. Truthfully, making my jewelry helps keep me sane and distracts me from the pain at times….I wish you the best and it was nice to meet you. Btw, thanks for featuring some of my pieces in your treasuries 🙂


    • August 13, 2014 at 7:42 am

      Thank you for your reply, I really feel for you as I always say, thank God that I did not have this condition when my children were young I had 5 children, so my thoughts go out for you. The exhaustion is the worst with the pain, I also have found that making things and promoting them and finding other people who have this condition helpful in my thought process about it, keeping me positive, love your work, keep going, gentle hugs cheryl


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