Yesterday I was saying how well I was doing, had a shower managed okay, even done my hair great start.  I know the main symptoms for me begin in getting out of bed, difficult one my body is very stiff with the time that I have laid in the bed so after managing to get out of bed.  Today I found the first walk difficult, my balance is off, this is great fun you walk around like a drunk without the fun of the drink the night before.

Anyway I managed to get round the dog, but cuddle me mum, she is very loving and very sensitive she walks with me slowly and calmly funny to see really she normally runs like made, she has been waiting to go out and do her business you see.  so she is sorted now to put that tea on,  well I drop the tea bag, finally put it into the cup, boil the kettle and add one sugar, all over the top again. ,missing the cup completely so when I have finished cleaning the top again the water is in the cup with the sugar and tea bag.  Looks very dark this morning, take the tea bag out yes two tea bags my hands did not feel that coming.

I have a good laugh it reminds me of the Norman Wisdom sketch where he is the milkman and its his job to get the tea made and given out.   So I laugh to myself and go to my computer and take my dark tea with me, oh I forgot to say when putting in the milk yes you guessed it I had to clear the top again.  ah well.

Nearly forgot Fernie my German Shepherd dog, she is waiting to come in, she is now on her bed awaiting the site of all the other occupants to get out of bed.   So here we go again, fresh ready for the challenges of the day, see ya……. hugs

david phone 2 october 2011 008