I wanted to show you a few more items I have made these are from my Bedspread and Large Blankets collection   I am currently adding all to the website https://sites.google.com/site/nannycherylbuyonline   for easier viewing








I  love using bright beautiful colours and different squares, circles, hexigans and add a beautiful edge if the design dictates, let me know what you think.







I wanted to make other items and love the little cotton dresses that I saw years ago on my own young children and others so I came up with an old design of mine slightly updated, simple but pretty also using many colours as I had in cotton, I am sure when I get to restock my yarns there will be more colours added, I loved making this item.

crochet cotton dresses 2014 002 - Copy crochet cotton dresses 2014 011 - Copy crochet cotton dresses 2014 012 - Copy

crochet cotton dresses 2014 006 (2)      crochet cotton dresses 2014 005 (2)

My latest creation is adapted from a bought pattern that was on crafty (see link below)  on the web, I started to make until I have the principle of the pattern, then started adapting to make a toddler version changing stitches pattern and only use the basic pattern format.  lovely pattern to buy.

new bolero  MULTI PHOTO redone 28 may


Thanks to     LazyTcrochet  I have the permission to sell my toddler size outfits if you wish to buy the pattern you will need to go to the link below:

you can obtain the adult size vest pattern at the following link  www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/clothing/crochet-ladies-circle-vest-o…