crochet cotton dresses 2014 show

I started with the yoke, I had made many dresses years ago for my children and had remembered the basic stitches, I amended several times to get the size I wanted and began with the dusky pink one centre, I then decided on a basic stitch pattern for the skirt and also decided on the length toddlers seem to wear longer dresses now.  I also added buttons to the back of the dress, as this dress can also be worn back to front if desired.

I then started on the Ecru dress this I moderated a little and was pleased with the result.

I then went onto the green dress which I moderated the yoke even more and I think this one is my best design but would value any opinions you will share with me.

crochet cotton dresses 2014 002crochet cotton dresses 2014 012 crochet cotton dresses 2014 011

I made this yoke with simple treble stitch
crochet cotton dresses 2014 009