793 (5)  It has been a busy christmas, I wrote and told you about the blanket sold to Stratford Theatre which was transformed into a costume for one of its cast for the Jack and the Beanstalk panto.   I was approached by a magazine to include some of my blankets into but I think that may not happen now.     My stock was depleated, I have new items ready and some nearly I have been working  continuously.  I have had bad flare up of my symptoms from my condition, so unable to move around much, but good for my crocheting, I just cant sit down.   Anyway I am learning to cope with my symptoms better, I am trying not to stress or plan when I can do certain chores but to do them when I can, I see to be getting everything done I want to in the day, just in a mixed up manner.   Not like before my illness I would do all the housework and daily work, then to my large creative items then evening meals and sit down and crochet in the evening, but the new way is beginning to work.    I have been thinking about teddy bears and their clothes, more clothes for babies, and more blanket shawls for the buggies, not sure what to do at present, my main large blankets will still be made.      I just love to crochet and look on the web to see other creative people with their work.  If you have any suggestion or comments to make please contact me.



791 (3)This item I made for my mum in the bright autumn colours very warm for this time of year.








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