Well I am back again……………Posted on September 9, 2012 by nannycheryljean Things have been very much up and down, (as I expect with Fibromyalgia and my condition) my coping has been well, considering the living pressures we have all struggled with this year. I find my condition has worsened in some areas, my hips are a constant pain really breath taking at times, my lower back is still as ever, I cannot lay now on my back or either hip so each night I toss and turn continually, but some sleep is acheived some nights. I am going to physio in the next couple of weeks, started swimming again but found that I couldnt swim although I used to swim for miles and always have done. As I layed in the water I turned to take a stoke and the pain was tremendous, I have also always been able to float without help and I could not do this also. I came away confused and in severe pain I havnt been back yet but will shortly I wish to get back what I have lost, I felt so cheated as I have swum all my life confidently and even been able to rescue my husband when he became distressed and in need of help when taking a 4 mile swim in currents. All ended well and when we looked around there were many younger than my husband being helped back to the boat as unable to continue to swim to beach due to currents. We were in paradise remember the film ( the Beach) that is where we was. I digress%

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