I have been sorting out my blankets and found that over christmas I have made another 6 blankets, they all now need to be finished off, you know how it is you start these projects and cant stop. Then you stop and take stock now the work starts they all need to be sewn together and finished, photographed, added to listings then promoted. I love it all, but then just as I was getting back on my feet, I went to my mums drove 80 miles but was fine then someone backed into the front of my car (whilst I was parked) and my back was jarred again, ouch!!!!!!!!!! so today I am going to see how it goes and if it gets worse back to A&E, well see. I cant sit at present so standing and typing this, great, lol but I can still do it so there’s a bonus. I am off again to sort my other finds and take some painkillers, hope you day is going better, gentle hugs