Memories from the past the 60’s

I was moved about 11 times until I was around 9 years old, we had to keep moving as my father had to get work, I am not sure if this is true.   Anyway the moving part is as I had to keep making new friends.  Around 1964 I reached Leytonstone UK and went to Cann Hall School my first year in Junior and my new teacher.  Unfortunately she turned out to be very spiteful lady, I was stood up in front of class and hit over head with ruler as I kept asking to go to the toilet.  I had been in hospital before this nearly died and a part of my health problems I was left with were needing to go to the toilet regularly urgently.  My mum had spoken to the school before my going there and was told there was no problem but this teacher would not allow it.  Anyways needless to say I did not want to go to school, I did not want to live where we was we had come from a large house and garden to a town house yard back garden very small and I had to make friends again,  Life was difficult as I was a quite and frightened little girl with no confidence.   My mum is a lovely lady and then she was very caring and loving she had to work hard for a living and worked from home on the machine from early hours of morning to late at night.  She would start work before we got up, give us breakfast and send us on our way, we lived on the street of the school so no roads or problems walking ourselves.  she would then get back onto machine, she would break again at about 11 to cook and feed for my father and then again at 12 to feed my brother and me, each time getting back onto machine in between then back onto the machine. she would always have something prepared for after school and then back on the machine while we played indoors or on the street outside our house in summer.   She would carry on until about 10pm then stop to clean the house and prepare it for the next day to start all over again.  My father well I would see him for a few minutes and then he was gone either football,running or other women so not much time with him…………… Life was different for my mum, no time for herself, no money for herself, just hard work and lovingly looking after us.  I am so glad times have changed, I shall write more soon about my Saturdays with my mum.

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  1. December 3, 2011 at 10:23 am

    Reminds me of my own young days. I was born in Basel Switzerland. My Father never could stay long where ever we lived. It was from one apartment to another, from one school to yet another. I never really had time to make friends or attachments. But I did have two older brothers and a little sister to play with. My father was never really around. He would come home change his clothing and take off again. His interaction with us or my mother was very slim. Mom said he was sleeping around, he said he was a solum man and took hours to walk just to think. I always looked for truth between both their stories. One teacher took an instant hatred to me. She would beat me with a ruler over the knuckles because I was left handed. Every time she saw me use my left hand she would hit me, not once, not twice, but many wacks. In my class was the daughter of the Village Mayor, though I never said a word the little girl went home to her father and told him what the teacher was doing to me. He contacted my mother and let her know what had been happening, and he contacted the school and made sure that teacher was fired.
    That was the only time in my young life that anyone outside of my own family showed a hint of friendship or caring about me. It wasn’t much different for my brother’s from one teacher to another.
    I don’t hold bitter regrets for not ever being able to have time to form relationships. I feel the many moves added to the outgoing, optimistic personality I am today. The teachers behavior and many more life lessons turned me into a child advocate, foster parent and teacher. We seem to have a lot in common. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story ;0)


    • December 4, 2011 at 10:02 am

      Thank you for your comments, I is surprising how many of us have had similar experiences as children, I am going to continue from time to time and follow up with other memories. I do not hold grudges although my mum has suffered a lot at the hands of this man, she stayed with him 57 years and then she was unwell and he embarised her badly and left her for another women. she divorced him and is now very happy, I have no more contact with him, he has controlled me and my brother for many years because if we opposed him he would make life hell for mum. anyway life is so much different now. Thank you for sharing you stories with me, I also feel that the events I experience have strengthened me and help me with lifes events. I am very grateful for my mothers help and faith in our getting through these events. good luck with you life and family and wishing you a merry and happy christmas whatever way you celebrate it and if you do not I wish you prosperity and good health for the future. cheryl


    • December 4, 2011 at 10:03 am

      sorry I didnt apologise for delay in reply I have a chronic condition that plays up from time to time and I have been away from my computer. good luck cheryl


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