My shop on Etsy

I started on etsy October 2010, I have had many conversations and spoken to many people, I have found them very friendly and eager to show your items and share.     I found it hard at first not sure what to do, so I just reached out to other Etsy people, there were so many profiles and so many people who seem just like me.    I love showing my items on the easy to use system and interacting with others by Treasury this is where you can add up to 16 items of other peoples items for sale and show them arround.   I have been included in many of these and I shall list below later also I shall list all my Treasury’s as a thank you to those on Etsy who take the time to add my items to their favourites, circles, teams, or Treasury or just say hello.  Hope you like the variety of items for sale on Etsy.    Thanks for reading

Treasury’s I (nannycheryl)  am included in

  1 comment for “My shop on Etsy

  1. October 12, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    Very Nice Blog Cheryl!! Etsy is so GREAT!!!!!!
    Best of Luck To You & Your Shop
    Missy @


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