Hi, please come and join me, I am new to the blog world so please be patient with me.    I am a wife, mother, and grandmother , an aunt, and a great-aunt and also a daughter to a very lovely mum and very proud to say so.

I love crafts and would like to share some of my own work and favourites I have found around the web.

My best yet.

My own crafts are making Barbie Doll clothes, this was my only grand-daughters influence, she still guides me and tells me when my efforts are rubbish and when they are wicked or cool.

Barbie Trouser Barbie Princess Dresses, Barbie Shawls, Barbie Bags, Barbie Hats, Barbie Scarf,

Barbie Dresses, Barbie Bolero, Barbie jacket/cardigan Barbie Poncho’s Barbie Petticoats, and many more

Cuddle Blanket

I also make crochet blankets these range from traditional, granny, unique and bright for baby, beds, cots even in the car for the winters to come.

I do hope we become friends and you visit me often, I shall be listing new items and styles most of my items are my own designs or a mixture of different designs I have seen in shops and the web.  Please feel free to leve your comments or suggestions.    Kind regards nannycheryl

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