Barbie Doll Outfits, these are Handmade by Nanny Cheryl Originals.  They are  Ballgowns with Knitted tops and the skirts are in various yarns know as fun fur.  I loved making them they are easy to put on barbie and washable.   NO DOLL NOT INCLUDED.  The cost are £5 per ballgown with £2.50 for Packing and shipping second class post. 

Fun Fur Ballgown (1 Item) Packing and Shipping NO DOLL 1420 CJH S45

HANDMADE CLOTHES FOR BARBIE DOLLS & SIMILAR ITEMS IN SALE LISTED BELOW DESCRIPTION DOLL NOT INCLUDED, BARBIE OUTFIT FOR SALE 1. BALLGOWN Knitted Midnight Blue Sparkly top with off shoulder design and fancy yarn for skirt of many colours pretty dress MATERIAL USED fun fur yarn, and double knit yarn MADE BY nannycheryloriginals PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR OVERSEA SHIPPING COSTS on , WILL SHIP ANYWHERE