RECLAIMED BARBIE DOLL AND CLOTHES BY nannycheryloriginals plus shippimng in uk 1382

HANDMADE CLOTHES FOR BARBIE DOLLS & SIMILAR ITEMS IN SALE LISTED BELOW DESCRIPTION ALL DOLLS ARE BARBIE RECLAIM DOLLS, I have washed and made their hair look good, there may be a few defects due to being reclaim (please contact me if you wish more information about a specific doll) 1. DRESS orange dress with lace sparkly net overskirt 2. PETTICOAT net petticoat 3. BOLERO orange bolero knitted and crochet edge 4. HAT crochet orange hat MATERIAL USED double knit yarn, MADE BY nannycheryloriginals PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR OVERSEA SHIPPING COSTS, WILL SHIP ANYWHERE NOTE: see separate picture for doll to be included in this sale


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767 (2)